On our commercial side, Joe Blaiser has built everything from office buildings and office condos, to big box stores, warehousing facilities, and multistory commercial projects in the tens of millions of dollars. We have also built many churches, church additions, new schools, and school additions.

We have built and/or supervised hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial construction in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa, including the following:
• Large and small city, county, and state government facilities
• Hospitals and clinics
• Elderly care and assisted living facilities
• Large extended stay facilities in the hospitality industry - hotels, motels
• Office buildings and office condos, including multistory office buildings
• National and international business headquarters
• Manufacturing facilities
• Schools
• Churches
• Physical Fitness Centers
• Restaurants
• Banks
• Supermarkets
• Retail sales and shopping malls
• Large storage facilities
• Theater complexes
• Wastewater facilities
• Wal-Mart’s, Sam’s Clubs, K-Mart’s and Home Depots

And much more...

Burnside Elementary
One of six schools built by Joe Blaiser.

New construction. 86,000 square feet. 35 classrooms. 15-acre site. Media center, gymnasium, kitchen, administrative offices, parking lot and play fields.


Hennepin County Medical Center


Extended Stay America
One of five Extended Stay America's built by Joe Blasier in Iowa and Minnesota.

New construction. 56,000 square feet. Multiple 104-room hotels with kitchen facilities in each unit.


K-Mart, St. Paul MN.

New construction. 116,000 square feet. Kcafé, pharmacy, vision center and garden center.


Minnetonka Lutheran Church

Addition and renovation. 12,000 square feet. Added main entrance, nursery school, large community room and made site improvements. Completed project while building remained occupied.


North Oaks MN. Office Condos
One of two buildings built by Joe Blaiser.

Two buildings 13,954 square feet each. 1.1580 RU Factor. Ceiling Height set at 9'. Parabolic Lighting. Access via Highway 96, Highway 49 and Village Center Drive. Class A office building situated in a campus setting. Surrounded by retail and offices.


Sams Club

New construction. Buildings average 112,000 square feet.


TownPlace Suites by Marriott
One of four TownPlace Suites by Marriotts built by Joe Blaiser.

New construction. 55,000 square feet. 94-rental rooms. Office, laundry and exercise facilities and outdoor pool.

To date, Joe Blaiser has supervised the construction of the TownPlace Suites in Eagan Minnesota and the large complex of three TownPlace Suites in Saint Louis Park Minnesota, with all three buildings under construction at the same time.

Joe also supervised the construction on the Extended Stay America's in Eagan, Maple Grove, Bloomington and Woodbury Minnesota and Urbandale Iowa.

Joe liked the challenge of building large hotel complexes where “every wall is different, there is so much detail.” There have been many challenges to constructing TowerPlace Suites, including linking the new TownPlace Suites in Eagan Minnesota, to the existing FairField Suites, also owned by Marriott. the two facilities share technology services by linking the mechanical systems underground.

With the onset of bitterly freezing weather, we faced some real challenges at the St. Louis Park MN. job site. The ground froze deep before we could get our underground electrical and mechanical rough-ins installed. We tried to use Temp Heat ground-thaw systems to heat the excavation areas, but we just could not keep ahead of the sub-zero weather. After eliminating conventional methods, Construction Superintendent Joe Blaiser put it this way, "We need to take a risk sometimes." We ether close the job site down for the winter, or build a dome over the site.

It was time to build a dome over the entire TownePlace Suites Building B.

A supplier Joe knew from South Dakota provided the material to build the dome, and in two days, it was up and heated. In three days, the frost that had been 28” deep was out of the ground and we were back working at full speed.

As you can see by the photographs, we installed all the underground work, poured the slab on grade, then laid out and built the walls for all three floors - all under the dome in 60 degree weather. Without the dome none of this work could have been completed. This is an example of the value of a calculated risk.

TownePlace Suites, Saint Louis Park MN.

Project information: 62,000 sq. ft. $4,5000,000


Rivertown Commons, Stillwater MN
J.L. Blaiser Construction removed and replaced all of the windows in this facility and then replaced all of the old siding with a insulated plaster/stucco exterior insulation finish system (E.I.F.S.)


Lake Elmo Minnesota regional park reserve, Washington County MN
J.L. Blaiser Construction built the original "contact station" in the new park back in 1978 along with the infrastructure, and multiple picnic facilities in 1979. The park has become the most visited park in Minnesota with more than 600,000 visitors in 2010, and is rated one of the best facilities in the United States. J.L. Blaiser Construction has also built multiple facilities for the state park system in Wisconsin.